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2010 AGM

FT10M International Class Association Annual General Meeting
Saturday December 18th, 2010 at 5.00 PM ( USPacific Time)

Minutes Amendment (2/2/2011):

  • Philip Infelise attended the meeting
  • Brian Wood was holding a proxy for Andrew Bristow
  • 44 members were eligible to vote, representing 42 boats (there were two pairs of co-owners)
  • 28 (67%) of the 42 eligible boats did cast a valid vote
  • 1 member cast his vote on 12/29 with ballot already closed. His vote was not considered valid.
  • 11 members cast an early ballot before the begin of the meeting (one of the members that cast an early ballot reported, after the meeting, that he intended his early vote as a proxy to the member collecting early ballots)


Tim Chin 
Neil Hamilton 
Jon Harrop 
Tom Hirsh 
Kirk Leslie 
Philip Mellor 
Fabio Maino 
Paul McPherson 
George Petkovic 
Eric Schlageter 
Tom Tatum 
Chris Winnard 
Al Wolczick 
Brian Wood 
Kurt (?)


The meeting was called to order at 5:05 US pacific time and the class president after the intros went quickly to presenting the ballots. The excomm and the builder addressed the questions and clarification asked from the members.

It was pointed out that eligible members can cast a vote on each one of the 7 ballot presented, even those that are conditioned to the result of a previous ballot. Fabio will send an email to eligible voters to clarify this point.

We started with the rudder. Questions were asked on why a cassette-less design was preferred, with some members expressing concerns that for drysailed boats. Members involved with testing the rudder reported that installing and removing the rudder in the water is very simple, and that the only boats that may have issues might be those sailing in shallow areas where the rudder can't be mounted until the boat gets to deeper water.

Then we moved to code 0, with some members expressing concerns on how it may affect the PHRF rating in certain areas. The suggestion from the excomm and other members was that, if the code 0 is approved, those area where offshore phrf configurations are not rated separately will end up requesting two certificates: with and without code 0. On the furler the suggestion was made to require correcting weights only on the deck (if that option prevails), rather than on deck and aloft. Then the weight was discussed with members explaining the different opinions on higher vs. lower weight.

We then moved to the nomination of the new president (Paul) and vice president (Tim), that were running unopposed.

We went on Q&A where one of the topic mentioned was how to make the class more inclusive to owners that are not members. The suggestion was to create a yahoo group open to all owners (members and non members) where to discuss boats, gears, sail and this sort of stuff. Fabio will create the yahoo group, and include existing members.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm US pacific time

Ballot Results

28 members, the 62% of eligible voters, cast their vote before the Dec. 25th deadline.

All ballots proposals were approved with a very large majority (around 80%, with the rudder ballot topping at 92%). Only the ballot for rudder weight compensation was close with a 7% delta in favor of not requiring weight compensation with the new rudder.

The following proposals were approved: 
1) new rudder, with no requirement for weight compensation. 
2) furler removal, with no requirement for weight compensation. 
3) Code Zero for offshore OD rating 
4) Weight increase





Meeting Documents:

  1. AGM Presentation (PPTPDF)
  2. Rudder (James Betts Enterprises)
     - Specification
     - Pricing
  3. Class Rules (rev D)
  4. Ballot Results