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7 Tigers Gearing Up for Sydney's Super 30 Season

posted Sep 13, 2011, 10:34 PM by Fabio Maino   [ updated Sep 13, 2011, 10:49 PM ]
With the spring arriving in Sydney, 7 FT10s are gearing up for the SASC 2011-2012 Super 30 that will start Saturday September 17th and run through the whole austral summer (calendar). 

The FT10s down under have raked up an impressive list of results during the winter, and are getting ready for more silver:

1st PHRF 2 in the Brisbane to Gladstone! And even more impressive, a top 10 outright in an offshore, Cat 2 race! They make em tough in Queensland… Super effort and not too shabby on IRC either. Well done David and crew! 

1st RANSA Winter Sunday Series Div 1. Great work Ian and team!! 

2st CYCA Winter Series Div E. Well done! (And do I see a new Quantum kite? New Rudder too?)

Flying Brandy
2nd SASC Winter Series Div 1. Well done!

Balmain Tiger 
2nd DSC Short Handed Winter Series (2 handed). Yes, 2 up on a Tiger, in a spinnaker series… with islands/moorings never more than 100m away… 
2nd BSC Winter Series

Shere Khan
Currently 3rd RANSA Div 1 Winter Wednesday Series. Poised to pounce, with 4 races to go! (And a full set of new Norths Rod? New Rudder too…)

Currently 3rd DSC Winter Series. Poised to pounce, with 3 races to go! (And a new Norths Main coming? New rudder too…) 

Ten8ious (FT #108…. Geddit?)
4th MHYC Winter Series. Great effort Matt and his brand new Sydney Tiger. (full set of Quantum’s. New rudder…). Look forward to seeing you in the Super 30s Matt!