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FT10 State Championships held by RANSA

posted Feb 22, 2012, 5:11 AM by Fabio Maino   [ updated Feb 22, 2012, 5:19 AM ]

Saturday Feb. 24th, 2012 - Sydney, Australia

Great Racing , 3 Windward Lewards on Saturday, 1 Passage Race on Sunday. 
Great weather, 28 Deg C , Blue Sky both days
Reasonable Breeze, Saturday 7 - 10 Knots South to South East with 30 Degree Swings
Sunday 7-10 Knots NE relatively steady sea breeze
Great Fleet, 8 Boats with another 3 expected for Nationals in three weeks time. 

Ophir, second outright, very solid all weekend other than first race where they seemed to have lost their way. They reckon they will be back in the Nationals and so they should be as current National Champion.

Hello Tiger, third Outright, had a great but close win in race 1, then in race 2 picked up the top mark on the first lap, cleared it, but took the anchor line with anchor with them, and proceeded to carry it with them for the rest of the day. Yes they did think they were a bit down on speed , but it was a good find back on the dock after day one when one of the crew went for a swim and came back with an anchor in his hand . It was duely presented to the race officials but no consideration for redress. Without an extra Cat7 anchor in Race 4 they were too good for Balmain Tiger down wind and recovered from a 2.5 min defecit at the Top Mark ( Many West , Manly East ) to beat Balmain Tiger home by 20 seconds after 2.5 hour race. 

Balmain Tiger, First Outright, always the bridesmaid, but not this time, had a gre
at weekend enjoying its new found Up Wind speed with saw it lead at the top mark on 8 of the 9 upwind legs
. Down wind speed was not as good as some of the others, but hopefully will be addressed before Nationals. 

Shere Khan , Forth on Scratch and first on Handicap. Were close all weekend but not able to get onto the podium for any race. 

Ten8ious, Second on Handicap , great to see this new boat in the fleet getting it together Representing Middle Harbour. Maybe some of those A10's might grow a Bow Sprit and big Red Kite. These guys pushed all day and were on the podium for one of the Windward Lewards.

Sabre, Third on Handicap, great to have this boat back in the racing fleet, very solid job all weekend with a crewlargely inexperienced to cut and thrust of Windward Lewards, were much more comfortable in the passage race, but still looking for a bit of speed. 

Flying Brandy, continued its great improvement, did not do itself any favours on handicap by running second in the first race. Looked good all weekend and starting to get it together.

Fortune of War, well some one needs to bring up the rear of the field, but these guys will do a lot better with some more experience in their crew leading to better sail handling etc, the boat is faat but not for long enough in any one race.

The State Titles are a great warm up for the Nationals which will be held in three weeks time as part of the Sydney Harbour Regatta. We are expecting 3 additional entries from Sophia, Sigurd and the Pittwater Boat, Tiga. That will be a very competetive fleet of 11 boats. With 2 others prefering to play outside of the Tiger field. Its not too late for Likatiga to come down from Qld and show us how good he is in One Design , or the two Melbourne Boats or the three WA boats to jump on a trailer... Lets make it a real serious Nationals.

1st - Balmain Tiger - 3,1,1,2
2nd - Ophir - 6,3,2,3
3rd - Hello Tiger - 1,7,6,1

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