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My-Tai Wins Juan de Fuca Race at Swiftsure 2012

posted May 27, 2012, 12:27 PM by Fabio Maino   [ updated May 28, 2012, 3:37 PM ]

Another impressive win at the Swifsure for "My-Tai" CAN31, skippered by Daryl  Homan. First to finish and first on corrected time. See full results.

Owner's Daryl Homan reports back to Bob Perry, the boat designer:

it is my pleasure and honour to sail on the Flying Tiger. The boat is one of the best designed all around race boats and has no weaknesses. Wether we are in light air or heavy weather we are always very competetive. This years Swiftsure was one of the toughest I have been in with very confused seas and winds gusting over 30 Knts. The boat and crew performed beyond expectation. Upwind we can compete with the J 109 and the C&C 115 and when we turn for home, there are very few boats that will keep up with the Tiger going downwind in heavy air.

Congratulations to you Bob for designing one of the best sport boats around." 

Daryl Homan
s/v MY-TAI 

Juan de Fuca Race Latest Results by Race Finish Positions

Started: 26th 10:51:00; Distance: 79.70nm; Scoring: TOD; Postponed: Yes
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Finish PlaceRound PlaceRaceYachtRnd. TimeFinish Time
RCDRCDCDStatusNameSail No.TypeSkipperYacht ClubRate.ClockClockElapsedCorrected
111421L1FinishedMy-TaiCAN31Flying TigerDaryl HomanSNSYC5726th 18:18:2226th 21:46:2210:55:2209:39:39
211321H1FinishedDivaCAN287J109Jim PrenticeRVanYC6926th 18:31:0326th 22:41:4611:50:4610:19:07
322732L1FinishedBaaad Kitty!112Henderson 30Ben PowerRVicYC5726th 18:35:0026th 22:26:5411:35:5410:20:11
422642H1FinishedTippy104J boats J-109UnknownRVanYC6926th 18:35:3026th 22:56:0112:05:0110:33:22
531111L2FinishedMuffin18660Santa CruzGarry GrethSloop Tavern YC12026th 19:22:1527th 00:13:0013:22:0010:42:36
6431164L1FinishedFortissimo5934Grand SurpriseChris LaddWVYC7526th 19:14:4526th 23:35:1012:44:1011:04:33
7521052L2FinishedPor Favor51946Hobie 33John DennySNSYC9626th 19:41:5527th 00:04:4913:13:4911:06:18
833853H1FinishedReignMaker69577C&CGeoff PentzBremerton YC8126th 19:07:4027th 00:07:4313:16:4311:29:07
941532H2FinishedFlying Circus69182S2 9.1MEric YaremkoBellingham YC13526th 20:02:5527th 01:30:1814:39:1811:39:59
1052211H2FinishedBulletproof42512Olson 911SENigel MartinRVicYC13826th 19:50:4527th 01:44:2114:53:2111:50:02
11641264H1FinishedJeopardyUSA161J 109Edward PinkhamCYC Tacoma6926th 19:11:0527th 00:19:2913:28:2911:56:50
1275---H1FinishedWind Child74329Beneteau first 36s7Rudolf HeesselsSequim Bay YC117-27th 01:32:1814:41:1812:05:53
1364943L1FinishedTwistCAN53C&C 115Ian StokieKelowna YC6926th 19:04:0527th 00:53:3314:02:3312:30:54
14731484L2FinishedDilligaf6314Ross 930Keith ClimenhagaNanaimo YC11726th 20:35:1027th 02:30:4815:39:4813:04:23
15811571H3FinishedMata Hari1660CatalinaPaul WalchenbachSYC14726th 21:16:0527th 03:20:1516:29:1513:13:59
16841373L2FinishedKokopelli57138Santa CruzEric CollinsCYC Portland15926th 21:17:4027th 03:38:4616:47:4613:16:34