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Note: according to Bob Perry's office the Polar Diagram above is a "trial VPP that needs some tweaking to allow for final SAIL AREA and DISPLACEMENT trim"



PHRF Ratings

PHRF officers that are rating the Flying Tiger may want to look at this presentation, prepared by Bob Perry's office, that compares the performance of the FT10M with similar boats. If you need more info please contact Robert H. Perry Yacht Designers.

The following PHRF ratings have been assigned to the FT10M in One Design Configuration:

PHRF Venue Rating As of
Northern California 48 January 2008
Southern California (Buoy/RLC/OWC) 54/48/42 April 2007
South East Florida
54/48/42 January 2008
New England 54 April 2007
Lake Michigan 48 May 2007
Lake Ontario 54 June 2007
Pacific NorthWest 57 April 2007

IRC Rating

On July 2008 Hull #55 has been provisionally assigned an IRC number of 1.118 in Sydney, Australia.

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On Feb 2007 Hull #17 has been provisionally assigned an IRC number of 1.128 in Durban, South Africa.


ORC Rating

Assigned in The Netherlands on August 2008